The Reverse Funnel System (RFS) was designed by the Inner Circle to provide automated sales for the network marketer selling Global Resorts Networks (GRN) membership services.

RFS uses extremely well designed copywriting in align with a mandatory paid survey to really butter people’s minds to close them into your business. What RFS does not do is recruit or drive people to the sales page.

Taking advantage of RFS means taking advantage of the resources that the Internet provides you with. With GRN you can make up to one thousand dollar commission on each sale, if you sell the platinum membership, which is the best bargain and best business opportunity. With this type of motivation, you should certainly be working as many different marketing venues as you can to drive traffic and share the opportunity. Get involved with co-registration, co-ops, networking communities, video marketing, YOU-Tube, forum posting, blogging, article marketing, do whatever it takes to make as many people as you can find their way to you copy of RFS. Make Money.

Because of the compensation plan GRN offers, you have even more and opportunity to make money if you know how to be a good team leader. Gather training supplies, go over new strategies and methods with your team, join a webinar service and get your team active. Create training video’s, organize co-reg’s for your team, paid leads. Get your team duplicating what you do and your team will be doubling your salary as each of your front line’s sales is another thousand dollars rolled up to you.

Clearly there is a lot to take advantage of with RFS and GRN. If you have the motivation to design a plan, recruit a team, and train them using completely the internet than you have the opportunity to start making ten thousand dollar, twenty thousand dollar months. If you are like me and are a work-a-holic, then you have the opportunity to start pulling fifty thousand dollar, sixty thousand dollar months like I have. It’s in your hands and in your laptop.

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