Creating your own products is not difficult. However, it does take a little time to get it done, create a sales letter for it, work on the site, test it out, etc.

Since you may be short on time (and money), one method you can use is to start by looking for existing products that you could acquire resell rights to or become an affiliate of.

You can go to and browse through their Marketplace for a product you can affiliate with. I like clickbank because they automatically (and instantly) transfer your commissions into your account. You don’t have to depend on the product owner’s schedule to receive timely commissions. And, you can become an affiliate of all of their products at no charge.

You could also go to (or even Yahoo) and search for sites selling recipes, recipe books, cookbooks, etc. and look for sites you could affiliate with. It would be to your advantage to work with sites/products that offer a generous commission (at least 50%.)

Tip: As you look through these sites, pay attention to how professional the sites look, how convincing the sales letter is, and also how soon after the sale they send out commissions. If you personally feel good about the site, see some great testimonials, and feel that you would want to do business with that company, you’ve probably found a good business to affiliate with.

(Let me also point out here that if you do have some experience with creating your own products, feel free to do so. It doesn’t have to contain 100 pages. It can be only a few pages, as long as you provide solid, valuable information.)

Finding Your Niche

When trying to figure out which niche to go after, the questions you want to ask yourself are…

What do I love to do the most? What am I most passionate about in life?

What subjects do I have strong emotional feeling towards?

What am I naturally good at or have an instinct for? (Provided it’s something you enjoy doing!)

If I were to wake up in the morning and choose to do one thing, what would that be?

What would express my creative intention and bring out the best in me while doing it?

How can I benefit myself and others if I were to express my creative intention?

To some, the answers may come very easily. And for some of us, it may require a little bit of soul-searching and self-discovery to get there.

If you’re having a hard time finding the answers, just get your mind going in that general direction by pondering on the above questions, especially before you go to bed at night (and until you fall asleep.) The power of focus is such that it will get your mind working in the background (while you’re sleeping) to bring the answers to you.

For now, you can simply start by asking…

“What are my favorite hobbies, interests, activities, etc.”


“What are some things I don’t know yet but have a burning desire to learn more about?”

Start a list and add all your favorites to it.

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