Years ago when the Internet first started, just about everybody thought they could jump in and profit from their own home-based business. And why not?

The optimism is warranted. A home-based business can give you immense time freedom to be with the ones you love, pursue your interests, or simply earn a good income without having to commute to a job and boss.

Within a few years, just about all of us working online knew people who had succeeded magnificently in their home business, many earning hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

But, sadly, the vast majority of people didn’t make much if any money in their home-based business. They quickly discovered some of the pitfalls.

The biggest problem was after you sold your shiny new product to your friends and family, you didn’t have anyone else to sell it to. You made some money your first month, but soon the business died from lack of customer interest.

Let’s face it, advertising, prospecting, and selling are probably the hardest parts of running a business. You may be thinking you can’t own a business because you don’t like to sell.

Today you don’t need to be a selling dynamo or know all the ins and outs of advertising to really make a business go. There are fabulously powerful systems that use search engines to drive non-stop traffic to your web site. Then a professional sales team, staffed with top-notch sales people, can talk with and SELL each of your prospects for you.

By the time you hear from the prospect, they’re more than ready to sign up and buy from you.

Does this cut down on the time you spend running your business? You bet is does. I’ve seen people, including myself, use this system to work just 5 minutes per week and earn a full-time income.

This kind of smart outsourcing is just what you need to make the home-based business dream come true for you. When you’ve got lots of cash coming in from your business, while experts are running much of it for you, you can spend your time doing the things you love.

One woman keeps your home-based business running in the background while she runs a community center that is being lauded everywhere for its important work.

Anther man runs his home-based business on the side while he travels the world with his wife. The business gives him all the money he needs while the outsourcing the hours of work to others who specialize in those tasks.

So don’t let your vision of owning your own home business wait. You CAN own your business NOW, even if you don’t like to sell or have much extra time to run it.

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